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Archetype Readings - Peter Occhiogrosso

When I first studied the archetypes with Caroline Myss two decades ago, while working with her on her magnum opus, Sacred Contracts (Harmony Books, 2001), I was taken by their significance in a profoundly personal way. I had never thought of myself especially as a monk or a hermit, for instance, but when Caroline suggested that she saw these archetypes in me, I began to unravel the connections. I was and still am an introvert who prefers reading and researching on my own to socializing and partying. Paradoxically, my preference for privacy often seemed to interfere with my public career as an author, coauthor, and teacher, which required intensive interaction with other people. And yet, when choosing the archetypes for my own chart, I also identified my lifelong orientation to rebelliousness and teaching others, which could appear to be at odds with self-examination and meditative exploration.

What attracted me to working with the archetypes was the recognition that these seemingly contradictory drives could coexist within my psyche and soul—that they had all shown up fairly early in my life and remained with me still. This insight was enormously liberating, showing me that it was all right to be a monk or a hermit, because those archetypes helped me in being a teacher and even a rebel. I could spend hours making myself available to students at Caroline’s workshops, as long as I honored my hermit by taking time each day to be alone in my hotel room, which I made into a monk’s cell replete with images of sacred beings.

The longer I worked with those students, and later did archetype readings on my own, the more I saw how the same multidimensional function of the archetypes helped all of them to balance people’s apparently disparate traits and predispositions. And so, I’m not surprised that the archetypes have leapt into acceptance in recent years, as dozens of websites and YouTube channels have sprung up offering insight into the archetypes, as well as the interrelationships between the archetypes and astrology, and even Tarot. Carl Jung popularized the world of archetypes based on Plato’s concept of Forms, or Ideas (Plato never used the word “archetype”), and acknowledged their relationship to astrology. Safron Rossi, Ph.D., of Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Jungian and Archetypal Studies graduate degree program says that “archetypal astrology is anchored in C.G. Jung’s psychology and his notion of the archetypes. So one of the primary ideas is that our birth chart, the planets, signs and their configurations, symbolize the archetypal patterns of the psyche. In other words, archetypes are living forces within us and astrology maps out those forces symbolically.” And so, building my own readings on Myss’s approach—helping people discern the most active archetypes in their support group, and then casting them intuitively into a chart based on the 12 astrological signs—makes more sense to me than most of the scattershot reading techniques on the internet these days.

I’ve thoroughly revamped the Archetype Readings section of my website, making it easier to book a reading session, and have created a YouTube channel to share some of my own ideas about the archetypes.

I invite you to check them both out and to follow me online.

Booking an Archetypal Consultation Session

  • The nature of archetypes and how they function within each of us.

  • How to determine the set of 12 personal archetypes that are most active within you.

  • The methodology for using these 12 archetypes to cast charts for personal guidance for yourself and others.

  • How to interpret these charts to help you create a course of action to resolve life issues concerning career, business activities, personal and professional relationships, health, and other crucial subjects.

Sign up for a single 90-minute session - $150

Sign up for two 90-minute sessions for $250

Subsequent sessions can be arranged at the rate of $100 an hour

If  you have any questions, please send me an email


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