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Building a Personal Spiritual Practice by Peter Occhiogrosso and Lench Archuleta - DVD 

Many people want to create a Personal Spiritual Practice that they can integrate into their daily experience, but aren't sure how to go about it. In this DVD, two teachers from different backgrounds explain a few basic elements of practice in detail. Yaqui healer Lench Archuleta joins author, spiritual teacher, and breathing instructor Peter Occhiogrosso to show how to create a sacred space almost anywhere in your home. Lench builds an altar based on Native principles of reverence for the natural world, while Peter draws on his comprehensive knowledge of spiritual traditions to integrate a variety of sacred images and objects into an attractive interfaith altar.


Lench then describes how to see the sacred in both urban and country landscapes, showing viewers the ritual of creating a sacred circle in the woods. Peter demonstrates a classic Qigong exercise called the Swimming Dragon, learned directly from Master Kwan Sai-hung, which helps to cleanse the small and large intestines and promote flexibility and deep breathing. Together, Lench and Peter offer an interactive combination of Native American and Eastern traditions based on workshops they have taught together at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, and The Crossings in Austin, Texas. This DVD makes a helpful visual counterpart to their 8-CD set also on this site.



• Create a Sacred Space in Your Home (Lench & Peter, 40:45)

• Ground Your Practice with Breath and Movement (Peter, 15:30)

• Carry Awareness of the Sacred in Country & City (Lench, 28:35)

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