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Creating a Personal Spiritual Practice By Peter Occhiogrosso and Lench Archuleta - CD set

Many people on the spiritual path have expressed the desire to create a personal spiritual practice that can be integrated into their daily experience. In this set of 8 CDs, recorded live at a three-day workshop held at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y., Lench Archuleta and Peter Occhiogrosso present a diverse array of wisdom, rituals, and traditional methodologies from which to create your own daily practice. Working separately and together, Lench and Peter draw on both Native American and Eastern traditions that connect Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Peter teaches:


  1. breathing techniques from Tibetan and Indian yoga that help generate energy and increase body awareness

  2. exercises from the Chinese Qigong tradition

  3. several forms of meditation and prayer

  4. suggestions for sacred reading


Lench shares Native rituals and teachings drawn from his background as a Yaqui shaman including:


  • "Honoring the Four Directions"

  • "The Wisdom of the Solitary Bird"


Both Lench and Peter offer suggestions for creating a home altar to facilitate your personal spiritual practice. Creating a Personal Spiritual Practice consists of 8 CDs containing more than 8 hours of teaching, with a detailed track menu on the cover to help locate specific teachings and 

practices. $65 plus shipping.


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