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Editorial Consultation

Based on over 30 years' experience as a professional author, coauthor, and editor, I offer a variety of editorial and writing consultation services on an hourly basis or for a flat fee to be negotiated.

Writing Coach

I will work with you by phone and email on any writing project at my standard rate of $125–$150/hr. Or for a monthly rate of $295, I include a one-hour phone coaching session and two hours of written revision, editing, and feedback (or different combinations of those elements to suit your needs).

Developmental Editing

The same rates can be applied to any of the following objectives. I'll help you: 


  • Structure a proposal for your book, specializing in themes ranging from nonfiction to memoir, on any subject of interest to you. 

  • Create an agent query letter to target the best agents for your commercial publishing project. 

  • Adapt the proposal process to structure your book for self-publishing via ebook or print on demand. 

  • Develop and edit proposed magazine articles.


For a flat fee that we negotiate, I will: 


  • Evaluate and/or revise your existing manuscript. 

  • Develop a completed manuscript.

Write in the amount you wish to pay, then choose your method of payment from the menus that appear.

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