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Books by Peter Occhiogrosso with Ron Roth, Ph.D.

The Healing Path of Prayer:  The Modern Mystic's Guide to Spiritual Power 
(Foreword by Caroline Myss)

Like Larry Dossey's best-selling Healing Words, Ron Roth & Peter Occhiogrosso's The Healing Path of Prayer reveals a highly effective method of daily prayer for connecting to inner and higher healing energy. Even the most conservative Christian congregations now conduct healing and prayer services, yet individual seekers are still searching for the best ways to pray. In his long-awaited first book for an ecumenical readership, internationally renowned spiritual healer Ron Roth teaches his unique approach to prayer as energy medicine. 


As he revitalizes many tired, traditional prayers with his insightful, inspiring reinterpretations from original scripture, Roth also recounts the dramatic story of his discovery of his abilities as a healer, as well as true cases of healing in which he has 

participated. Roth's instruction on how to pray and establish a daily practice of meditation will lead readers into a vital path of everyday mysticism and personal power.


RON ROTH served in the Roman Catholic priesthood for more than 25 years before devoting his life entirely to teaching modern mysticism and healing through prayer to people of all faiths. Before he died in 2009 at the age of 71, Roth appeared on Oprah and other television programs and founded of the Celebrating life Institute in Peru, Illinois.

Other Books by Peter Occhiogrosso and Ron Roth, PhD

- Prayer and the Five Stages of Healing 

- Holy Spirit: The Boundless Energy of God

- Holy Spirit for Healing: Merging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Medicine

The Holy Spirit is a lot more than the wispy image of a dove or the abstract theological designation as the Third Person of the Holy Trinity with which most Christians in the West were raised. The Holy Spirit is the active force of God's energy in each of us, guiding and directing us from within. If we can learn to listen to the urgings of Spirit and follow them, our daily lives will become much easier and more fulfilling. The energy of the Holy Spirit can assist us to be great healers, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, motivating speakers and teachers, great artists, innovators, or inventors. Just to be aware of the workings of the Holy Spirit on an everyday basis will lead to an awareness of our own limitless possibilities, for the very reason that at the core of our being we are Spirit, emanations of divine light.


If we can begin to understand how the Spirit operates continuously in our lives, then our daily existence will become less stressful and more relaxed, filled less with drudgery and more with enchantment, and we in turn can become more creative and begin to enjoy a new sense of purpose, fulfillment, and enthusiasm. In place of that stress and drudgery will come a sense of peace, harmony, balance, and tranquility arising from the knowledge that we are protected, guided, loved, and never abandoned.  Once you learn to recognize the presence of the Spirit within, you will exude joy as your desires for success and fulfillment spur plans that seem to evolve from nowhere at the instigation of the Spirit.


This book combines a clear explanation of the underlying principles of  Spirit--its many symbols, manifestations, and extraordinary gifts--with a series of exercises to help readers learn to detect and follow the subtle counseling of the Spirit within each of us. It concludes with a detailed outline for starting your own prayer group to release the power of the Holy Spirit in your life and share it with others.


"My mission is to make God credible once again to the people who have lost faith in organized religion but still desire a spiritual life. I base my teachings about the Holy Spirit on my immediate experience of the Spirit at work in my own life. These teachings are not abstract statements, but have been road-tested. They are intended to make your life easier and more fulfilling in a direct way. The Buddha repeatedly urged the curious to 'come and see,' to investigate his teachings and techniques for themselves, rather than to base their beliefs on faith. I make the same invitation to all of you. Don't be concerned about whether the teachings in this book correspond to what you may have been taught about the Holy Spirit as a child. If what I have to say corresponds to your own experience, then the spiritual exercises I suggest will help you be more actively aware of the workings of the Spirit within you, so that you can live your life more fully and richly. In the end, that's the only test that matters." Ron Roth, PhD

Holy Spirit for Healing: Merging Ancient Wisdom with Modern Medicine 

Ron Roth has been graced with healing abilities in his own life, yet he is convinced that all of us can learn how to use our innate healing faculties without waiting for the "healing guru" to come to town.


In this book, Roth explains how the body and mind cooperate in the healing process. Because mental programming creates results in our life, we need to begin by healing subconscious attitudes. This work is not so much a study of how to heal, but rather, how to stop blocking the flow of life. Learn how Ron Roth heals the sick, and how you can learn to do it, too!


This book is not intended to be a scholarly or theoretical work about medicine or religion. Rather it is a guide to help you take the simple healing principles that I have presented here into your life and apply them on a daily basis. My goal is to lead you to experience life and healing instead of just studying about it--and not so much how to heal others, but how to take care of your own health. Once you fully and deeply experience that self-healing, you can share it with others.


"What helps you learn healing principles most quickly is to practice these principles on yourself. When I have had to practice these prayer principles and affirmations on myself--to settle down the diabetes that was beginning to overtake me years ago, to alleviate the arthritic problems that were beginning to attack my hand, or when a lump began to grow under my arm--I have learned more about how the principles work than when I served as a vehicle to heal others."   - Ron Roth, Ph.D

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