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How Not to Write Your Corporate Bio


You’ve spent years and many long, hard hours starting and building your business. Now, when it’s time to write your story—or the story of your business—are you going go ask the new guy in marketing to “dream up something”? Or are you going to hire a pro? Of course, you could always go to one of those “How to Write a Corporate Bio in 7 Easy Steps” Websites and just follow the dotted lines. . . . But I don’t think you want to reinvent the wheel. So hire me instead.


I have coauthored biographies and memoirs with talk show host Larry King, rock music icon Frank Zappa, and best-selling self-help author Caroline Myss. (You’ll find my name on the covers of their books, and/or in the Acknowledgments page, with their embarrassingly lavish compliments.) I’ll gladly write a brief bio for you or your company or both.


It may sound simple, but if you’ve ever had to write about yourself, you probably know it’s no easy task. I make the process as painless as possible, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. I will interview you by phone or Skype, then gather the research I need to flesh out the story—from existing materials that you send me by email, or from my own research. We’ll talk about your family, memorable events that inspired (or almost derailed) your career, your personal passions and humorous anecdotes. 


The final biography can be as short as 500 words or as long as a few thousand. My professional rate is $150 and hour, and the amount of time it takes depends on how long a bio you need or want. There’s no minimum commitment, but let’s face it, a quality story takes time, several hours at least including the interview. Again, you can hire one of those guys who will “write 2000 words on any topic you name for $25!” but that’s about all the result will be worth.

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